Greater Sitka Legacy Fund Grant Cycle Cycle runs October 5 - October 21, 2015 by 5 pm

The Greater Sitka Legacy Fund has at this time $5,000 to make grants to serve Sitka in 2015-2016.  These funds were an incentive award to the Sitka Legacy Fund from the Rasmuson Foundation in recognition of the Sitka Legacy Fund having raised $25,000 locally in 2014 for our long-term endowment fund.

VISION: Our focus for grants is broad, in keeping with our Vision.  The Greater Sitka Legacy Fund has a Vision for Sitka as a community that works together to:

  • Solve problems
  • Nurture valued historical and environmental heritages
  • Celebrate life through spiritual, artistic, athletic, and cultural expression
  • Promote education and economic prosperity

Grant Emphasis this cycle:  We will give special consideration to applications for projects that will enhance the emergency response system in Sitka.

Grant Program Restrictions this cycle

The following areas are generally not eligible for grant award during this 2015 grant cycle:

  • Competitive athletic activities and travel (although recreational or fitness projects for the general community may be supported)
  • Travel outside Sitka

To access the online application, please click here: Apply Now


Photo Credit: Ricardo J. Lopez



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About the Author: Mariko Sarafin

Mariko Sarafin

Mariko is an Alaskan born singer-songwriter that looks up at the sky to stare at stars and loves being outside. She shares her life with a loving chocolate Lab, Mirrah. At The Alaska Community Foundation, Mariko manages the statewide Affiliate Program and has the great privilege of supporting 9 Affiliate communities and their advisory boards as they grow community endowments and make grants to local nonprofits.