Greater Sitka Legacy Fund

The mission of the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund is to support local resiliency and self-reliance, now and in the future. We are committed to keeping our community a vital, progressive, and healthy place where people can live, work, raise families and retire. To fulfill our mission for the community, we help meet short and long-term community needs through projects and grants to organizations within our community. The Greater Sitka Legacy Fund also promotes many ways for people to invest their time, talent and resources to participate in this mission.

Sitka is a community of people committed to working together to solve problems, nurturing our valued historical and environmental heritages, celebrating life through spiritual, artistic, athletic, and cultural expression, promoting education and economic prosperity; all to sustain the well-being of our necessary organizations and of our citizens of every age.

The Greater Sitka Legacy Fund is a long-term endowment fund for the Sitka area. Your gifts will be part of a permanent fund, allowing you to invest in our community’s future and contribute to our quality of life. As this endowment fund grows through investment income, bequests, and continued donations, it will offer an increasingly large resource to meet local needs over time.

Your donation in 2015 to the unrestricted endowment fund of the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund will:

  • Help us earn the Challenge Match of $15,000 to be invested in our fund by the Rasmuson Foundation as part of the Community Asset Building Initiative (CABI)
  • Support local non-profits though grants and educational training
  • Earn yourself and everyone who donates during 2015, recognition as a member of the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund

Learn more about the inception of the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund.